This theory could explain many sightings of unidentified objects in flight

Since the time that was talked about, UFOs have ceased to be phenomena: you know, these mysterious, unidentified objects in flight that were reported in the sky in the United States and that experts have no idea about. The source. Many firmly believe in extraterrestrial phenomena …

What if the explanations were actually a lot simpler? If we are to believe the hypotheses of Tyler Rogoway, the creator of the War Zone site, these famous UFOs are just plain drones indeed!

On his website, Tyler Rogoway argues that these UFOs watched by the US military could be nothing more than drones from rival countries. And not just any kind of drone, but classic, publicly available models that American radars would not notice … Some may laugh at this theory, but Rogoway couldn’t be more serious.

As he put it on his website, “Yes, I understand that the idea of ​​an adversary entering the United States’ military training areas unhindered and using technology for years. Drones and humble balloons, is big pill to swallow […] But like the folks who have repeatedly warned of the threat posed by low-end drones for a decade, this is hardly surprising. “”

It would be obvious and yet … Photo credit: Shutterstock / Sergey Tinyakov

But how can you explain UFOs with a strange shape and capacity in this case? It’s simple: In fact, as Rogoway pointed out, there are many publicly available drone models with “many more configurations,” some of which look downright alien and function differently than a fixed-wing aircraft or traditional quadcopter. “For example, these famous drones could travel long distances, but also perform much more complex maneuvers than we think.

It would be obvious and yet …

For Tyler Rogoway, the fact that UFOs are really just drones is a perfectly logical explanation. The problem is that many in the United States believe in extraterrestrial protests so much that reports that might prove the truth of this drone theory are immediately dismissed and discredited.

In addition, you should know that military pilots who encounter this type of phenomenon have preferred to remain silent for the past few decades. Indeed, they are afraid that their careers will be affected. It is therefore impossible to go any further to find out more. Nevertheless, the advanced Rogoway idea still deserves thought! Maybe to follow …


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