This trick that gets people excited about reusing coffee pods is really not a good idea …

In this article, we are not going to go into the benefits or disadvantages of coffee for our bodies. However, since we consume coffee a lot, tips on reusing capsules that are supposed to be considered disposable capsules are welcome. There are now fully compostable capsules, the MOKA, which we recently introduced to you.

But we are all consumers of single-use capsules, so reusing them could be more economical … but also more ecological. One tip we’ll tell you about next is to make a splash on the TikTok social network! And you will see it is very, very easy! But not necessarily very ecological!

Coffee capsules in numbers

In an article the newspaper Sud-Ouest discusses the potential harmfulness of aluminum capsules. These so-called “Nespresso” capsules are the most used worldwide! You should already know that these shells make up more than half of the capsules sold worldwide. The French are 80% equipped with a machine adapted to these capsules. And we consume over 9 billion pods of this style worldwide every year!

How can you recycle them?

First of all, you should know that there are now compostable capsules but also reusable capsules. When testing the reusable capsules, we are not convinced of their effectiveness. First, because you put ground coffee in it, and despite the passage of water under pressure, the taste will not be the same. And on the other hand, because they’re not very practical … stoppers, badly trimmed, equals bottom in the cup, and it’s really not pleasant.

Sud-Ouest further explains that since 2014 a system for the recovery of aluminum waste (trays, medicine bladders, packaging) has been in place in the local communities, which was jointly developed by Nespresso and Eco-Emballages. It is possible to find collection points anywhere in France on the Nespresso website. In addition to the Nespresso shops that automatically collect the brand’s capsules!

Lyon: coffee capsules, bottle packaging … All this waste can be thrown into the sorting bin since January 1st, 2020

Finally, contact your local waste collection point. More and more of them are bringing back aluminum capsules. Or plastic … In some communities, grouped bowls can also be placed in a bag and then placed in your yellow container for packaging.

And the trick then?

@ samar_t0, a TikTok influencer shows how she reuses her aluminum coffee pods. The influencer explains how to remove the aluminum cap, rinse your pod, refill it with coffee, and then seal it with new aluminum foil! However, we can’t really validate this tip! We strongly believe this can be a troubleshooting solution, but not a really good recycling idea.

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A health risk?

Aluminum foil is itself an environmentally harmful material that cannot be recycled. Also, be vigilant if it comes into contact with food, the government website warns, “However, precautions must be taken as chemical substances migrate from these items into food and pose a risk to human health. “

In short, there is no point in using it on capsules that are now recyclable. Give preference to recyclable capsules and recycle them! Or take compostable capsules and compost them! It still seems ecologically more appropriate to us … But hey, TikTok causes a stir with tips, but not that smart! The magic of social networks … or not!

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