Tiny House: An English studio unveils a micro house inspired by the Minecraft game

Everyone is talking about it, everyone wants one thing, wooden houses are all the rage, that’s obvious. They are called tiny houses, A-houses, container houses or mobile homes and are extremely successful! These ecological living spaces often give design studios ideas!

This is the case with a mini wooden house designed by JaK Studio, an English design company. Your wooden house is called Home Office Module Cubed (HOM3) and is directly inspired by the famous video game Minecraft! Fans of this game will love the idea of ​​the house, which was inspired by the famous dice in the game! Presentation.

This original house is an extension of a main house. It is installed in the garden and enables, for example, an attachment for teleworking. Mounted on a trailer, it can also be the ideal little house! And this design won’t stay in the studio’s boxes as it has been pre-ordered worldwide since February 2021. Available at a price of € 41,000 for 9 m², so you can become the owner of this very special home. 12 limited HOM3 houses are also in the starting blocks!

Minecraft inspiration!

From the outside you can’t be wrong, the HOM3 house seems to come straight from the video game … A rectangular parallelepiped that takes up the typology of the dice. Inside, the mini house is quite spacious for its size. Very small area! Set up as an office, it inspires a calming and natural space conducive to teleworking.

A calming and natural space. Photo credit: JaK Studio

But how do you build a small house?

Here are the main principles for installing a tiny house in your yard. A Senate decree states that there are two types of detachable houses: “Detachable houses, which form the permanent living space of users or caravans, and mobile leisure residences. “Here are the most important things to know if you are not an outlaw

A perfect attachment for teleworking. Photo credit: JaK Studio

The demountable apartments that form the permanent living space must:

Be intended for housing. Be employed as main residence for at least eight months per year. Have no foundations. Have indoor or outdoor equipment. To be able to be autonomous in relation to public networks. A house inspired by the game’s famous dice. Photo credit: JaK Studio

Recreational caravans or mobile homes (RML) are intended for recreational use and must be placed in reception areas (campsites or areas reserved for this purpose). Beware, before installing a small house in your yard, check with your town hall to see if local town planning plans may impose certain conditions.

The website tinyhousefrance.org also reminds us that a tiny house can be eight feet high and five feet wide to reach a maximum weight of 3.5 tons! No authorization is required for an installation of less than 3 months, but it is better to inquire before installing. Finally, there is a tax on mobile homes, which is registered in the general tax code. It is € 150 per year and per small house.

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