Tiny House: Hüga, this tiny house from Argentina wants to be indestructible!

In the world of small houses there are wooden houses, A-shaped houses or container houses … And then there is Hüga, this tiny house from Argentina that prides itself on being indestructible … It is said to have been designed by the architecture firm Grandio to withstand all weather conditions.

So the architects present it as a tiny house that allows the owners to install it wherever they want … and that regardless of the terrain or climate of the chosen location! The desire to travel is very present, but at the moment they are very difficult to implement. For a change of scene without going to the end of the world, is Hüga a possible solution?

With an area of ​​45 m², the Hüga falls into the category of “large” small houses. Usually they have an area of ​​20 m². Inside there is a large bedroom, living room, bathroom and mezzanine. The specialty of this house is that by adding a module it can accommodate two additional bedrooms.

Large panorama windows let in light. So you can look at the outside while staying warm! Based in Cordoba, Argentina, not Spain, the architectural firm plans to expand its sales to North America and Europe.

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Posted by GRANDIO on Monday 22nd Feb 2021

Like all small houses, it does not need foundations and therefore it can be exported all over the world … you just have to be a minimum of craftsman and patient! According to Grandio, it can withstand the extreme cold of Quebec like the heavy rains of Louisiana or the tornadoes of Florida!

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Tuesday, February 23: https://www.livingetc.com/news/huga-indestructible-tiny-house-argentina