Tissue docks in Toulouse: Dior, Balmain or Versace print their brands

The Basics Founded in 1987, the Docks des Tissus brand in Toulouse rolls out thousands of shimmering pieces along their counters. The ability to create personalized outfits for all occasions in life.

You have to be curious to see the Docks des Tissus sign at the end of a courtyard 22, Rue Lafayette. Curiosity rewarded. When you push the door open, you enter the hideout of thousands of fabrics of multiple colors that, let’s face it, will capsize your head. Fortunately, 32 year old Coralie Schwalen comes to you smiling and ready to give you information.


“The Docks des Tissus brand was founded by Colette Giret in 1987 and offers fabrics for every day and for unusual outfits (evening, ceremony). This explains Coralie, who has been responsible for this brand for ten years and after a BTS in Stylisme Modélisme in Toulouse, worked in a designer boutique in Paris: “Colette Giret was retiring and was looking for a successor. I’ve always loved sewing. I did not hesitate ”.
What a happy idea. Because Coralie remains inexhaustible to talk about cotton, English embroidery, Calais lace, silk satin or embroidered tulle … In this business where fabrics come together with bucolic, ethnic, glamorous or playful prints, classified, it’s impossible, not Find what you are looking for by range. An art gallery in which Picasso appears on a motif in which Monet invites himself to Déjeuner surherbe. This wide range allows for a range of prices: from € 14 per meter to € 95. With these two prices you can create yourself at very low prices. “We can make a dress for € 40, a Versace shirt for € 150 for € 999 in the store, assures Coralie. New customers have emerged since the pandemic. Especially men in their thirties who are diligent in sewing classes and discover the store and get information.

The landmark of the fashion houses

“Twice a year, two large collections with manufacturers who are directly connected to various fashion houses (Versace, Balmain, Yves Saint-Laurent or Isabel Marant, Prada). Then from time to time an Italian broker (70% of the production comes from Como) buys the end of the collection of large houses and sells them to us. This enables us to offer designer fabrics like Fendi. “
For 2021, Versace recommends marine prints in light, warm tones. We go to distant lands with Dior, accompanied by snakes and leopards. We can also prefer the bucolic and floral aspect. The fabric unfolds endlessly at the docks.

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