To denounce the danger of screens, he invents a robotic third eye!

Do you know what a “smartphone zombie” is? You have surely met them without knowing that they were called that … Take a good look around the street, they are everywhere, they invade the world without calling a watch! But don’t worry, they’re not dangerous … well, except for yourself!

Smartphone zombies are the people who walk in the street with their eyes fixed on their smartphone screens … They are also the ones who, at best, get caught in a wall or pole. And in the worst case, drive under a car because you crossed it without looking!

Do you now know what the “Third Eye” is? In esotericism, the third eye is a mystical and esoteric metaphor of oriental origin, which, beyond the physical eyes, denotes a third look, that of self-knowledge. Rest assured, we won’t be talking about esoteric and mystical intuitions, but maybe technology of the absurd?

The third eye, really a solution?

A South Korean industrial designer has developed an original solution for “smartphone zombies”! As if looking up from your screen were an impossible task for them! We will not judge the usefulness of this invention!

The designer is called Paeng Min-wook, is 28 years old and has developed a third eye that smartphone addicts can attach to the forehead … And it actually looks like an extra eye!

This eye opens an eyelid when the user’s head is in the “down” position! And when the same user approaches an obstacle two meters away, he emits a beep warning him of the impending danger.

“This is the three-eyed look of future humanity,” Paeng, a graduate in innovation design engineering from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, told Reuters. And he adds: Since we cannot take our eyes off the smartphone, the additional eye will be needed in the future.

The South Korean’s third eye uses a gyro sensor that measures the oblique angle of the user’s neck. But also an ultrasonic sensor that calculates the distance between the eye and the obstacle. The two sensors are connected to a microcontroller that rings when an obstacle is approached.

The eye opens when the user lowers their head to query their smartphone. Photo credit: Paeng Min-wook / Instagram

Prevention instead of solution!

On the utility side, we don’t really know what to make of it, but if it could detect pedestrian crossings it would be very useful! However, the designer explains that his invention is intended to make young people aware of the dangers of this practice. And also the dependency they can have on their smartphone, sometimes up to and including mortal danger!

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