Tons of manure dumped and eggs thrown: Evaluation of the agricultural demonstration in Toulouse

The basics Several tens of tons of manure were dumped in Toulouse this Thursday and some clashes with police were observed. Balance sheet.

The highlight of the farmers’ demonstration in Toulouse yesterday, the deposit of a hundred tons of manure in the Rue de Metz, right in front of the dam formed by the CRS, which blocks the passage towards the prefecture with Plexiglas windows, at a meeting with the prefect, the farmers decided to buy the hundred tractors had parked along the Allées François-Verdier to dispose of the rubbish containers that had been transported up until then. At 3:30 p.m., the Young Farmers set off one by one, and the trucks pulled back onto the road to dispose of their loads, mostly manure, but also a few tires and logs. “Trees, beams … Almost twenty jumps were emptied onto the road. ie around a hundred tons of manure, according to one farmer.

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Mechanical shovels for cleaning

Targeted by throwing eggs, the CRS repeatedly fired the water cannon at the trucks but was unable to stop operations. Behind the wheel of a mechanical shovel, a farmer pushed the manure further to form a pile that was as high as the police-erected barrier. As after every demonstration, the cleaning agents from Toulouse Métropole had the tough job of evacuating these tons of manure. The operation, which began after the farmers left, required the mobilization of significant resources: several mechanical shovels and trucks, and would last until early evening. In the morning, an initial deposition of manure and tires had been carried out on a slide near the Muret toll booth. No further deposits or damage took place on the way of the demonstrators.