Top 14: Agen annoyed Toulon (34-17)

The essential RC Toulon even had to fight in stoppage time to get his offensive bonus point against the brave Agenais. The face and defensive implications shown in Mayol that Saturday brought a smile back to the Lot-et-Garonne, but the bottom line.

For many, the SU Agen left the Var this Saturday to take what is commonly referred to as “a beautiful volley”. But in the end not at all. After a month of no play, the Lot-et-Garonnais were able to come together to face the Var who were aiming for the five points to regain the top 6.

Despite a disastrous start to the game, the Agenais have tightened this Saturday night around their captain Romain Briatte, the retired combat leader. In the end, the “Bleu et Blancs” tackled the spongy lawn of Mayol with all their might. So that Toulon believed he saw his offensive bonus fly away after Abadie’s test (79). But one final attack enabled the Devaux Column to relieve his family.

The Agenais came out with their heads held high. Unlike previous excursions, they didn’t give up until the end. Good for the mind.

Toulon 34 – Agen 17

MT: 10-9; Closed game

Referee: Vivien Praderie.

Development of the score: 7-0, 7-3, 7-6, 7-9, 10-9; 10-12, 13-12, 20-12, 27-12, 27-17, 34-17.

Defeated: 1 E Abadie (79); 4 P Lagarde (12, 17, 29, 46).

Winners: 4 E penalty (8), Isa (60), Cordin (75), Devaux (80 + 1); 3 T carbonel; 2 P carbonel (34, 50).

TOULON: Cordin; Dridi (Dakuwaqa, 56), Toeava, Hériteau, Villière; (o) Carbonel, (m) Meric (Serine, 41; Meric, 78); Lakafia, Ollivon (Cape), Dakuwaqa (Isa, 41); Taofifenua (Hoarau, 7), Warion (Ory, 61); Gigashvili (Taofifenua, 61), Tolofua (Soury, 66; Soury, 73), Gros (Devaux, 61).

AGEN: buttin; Gauban, Garrigues, Vaka (Puletua, 55), Railevu; (o) Lagarde (Lacombe, 76), (m) Cottin (Abadie, 45); Jegerlehner, Briatte (Mütze) (Martinez, 80), Maravat (Rokoduru, 63); Vernet (Phillips, 47), Zafra; Ryan (Falatéa, 55), Martinez (Zarantonello, 59), Vanaï (Tetrashvili, 22; Vanaï, 69).

Exp.Temp.: Vanai (8)

The score of the game: 10/20.

The men of the game: Peka GIGASHVILI, Baptiste SERIN (Toulon), Romain BRIATTE (Agen).

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