Top 14: great performance by Castres Olympique, crashing La Rochelle (22-15)

The essential Le Castres Olympique won a gala win against La Rochelle (22-15) on Saturday, March 6th, on behalf of the 18th day of the Top 14.

Castres taught La Rochelle a lesson in realism. The Olympians punished their opponents for any mistake on Saturday March 6th and won the top 14 22-15 on Matchday 18.

Top 14: Ranking and results

Attempted five penalties and succeeded as many. Benjamin Urdapilleta and Rory Kockott shone in an exercise that was unsuccessful at Stade Rochelais: the kick of the game. In addition, there is an excellent test that was carried out and completed by Julien Dumora (30th), and the OK largely leads the discussions.

A yellow card for one in front of Palis considered voluntary could have turned the meeting upside down. La Rochelle pushes and reduces Botia (66th) and Berjon (70th). But the Rochelais are too imprecise in front of goal to reverse the result. After the setback against Toulouse, they suffered a second consecutive defeat. The Castres are straying a little from the red zone and dreaming of a qualifying place. You are on the heels of the LOU and the Stade Français at the gates of Europe.