“Top chef”: M6 encourages its viewers not to watch the finale in order to take advantage of the reopening of the restaurants

The Basics A rare event on television, M6 decided to encourage viewers not to watch the finale of its flagship show “Top Chef” live on Wednesday night and instead go to restaurants to support their reopening.

“Philippe Etchebest, Michel Sarran, Hélène Darroze and Paul Pairet (the jurors of the show, editor’s note) were very committed to their colleagues and colleagues during the Covid crisis, it seemed important to us to support their struggle and them to accompany it important day for all restaurateurs, “said the broadcaster opposite AFP.

In addition to the four judges, “the show’s contestants will also be sending messages throughout the day to encourage the French to return to the restaurant” instead of watching the “Top Chef” finale live and seeing it catch up (repeat) on the 6play portal, said M6.

Attendance records

Advice takes place in a trailer broadcast on the channel, but also in publications on social networks and inserts in the press.

The initiative is all the more original as “Top Chef”, one of M6’s emblematic programs, set audience records in several audience categories in its twelfth season, which ends on Wednesday.

It drew an average of 3.9 million viewers, or 17% of the public, a high in 9 years, with even higher scores and records among the audience categories targeted by the channel, especially women. It has consistently risen to the top of the most watched shows on broadcast evenings.

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