Toulouse: A man was checked for non-compliance with the curfew and delivered medicine to his home

The essentials A 30-year-old man was checked by police last Thursday in the port district of Saint-Sauveur in Toulouse because of the curfew. The police found that the driver was delivering drugs home.

Last Thursday, around midnight, Specialized Field Brigade (BST) police checked a driver in downtown Toulouse about the curfew in the Port Saint-Sauveur district.

At the time of the stop, police noticed a strong smell of grass leaking from the cabin. Then, to justify the presence of these fragrances, the person stated that they had smoked a joint, hence the presence of that smell of marijuana.

An explanation that apparently didn’t really convince the police. The latter then started a search of the vehicle. And discovered 500 g of weed. The interviewee was arrested and subsequently taken into police custody.

During his hearing, the 30-year-old, who was already known to the police for similar facts, admitted that he was delivering drugs on the night of the check-up. He was transferred on Saturday and must be brought to court this Monday in an immediate appearance.