Toulouse: Benjamin Perez required 12-14 years imprisonment for attempted murder of a psychoanalyst

The Basics 12 to 14 years imprisonment against Toulouse Benjamin Perez, accused of attempted murder of a psychoanalyst-psychiatrist. Judgment expected at the end of the day.

Benjamin Perez, 38, was listless on Wednesday May 12 when General Counsel Celine Fleury filed for a 12-14 year prison sentence against him. The prosecutor believed that the intention to kill a Toulouse psychoanalyst left “no doubt” about a boy “who ponders his own mistakes without ever questioning himself”.

A position that has already been worked out by Me Simon Cohen, who represents the victim. “No, he did not come to speak as he claims, no, he came to kill,” emphasized the lawyer in particular.

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The Advocate General, without denying the change in distinctiveness maintained by the experts, was concerned about “the violence of successive acts”, the November 2016 attacks against teachers and young women up to the attempted murder of his psychoanalyst in June 2018 in the heart of Toulouse. And to counter the defense, Celine Fleury insists: “This file is neither an attempt at therapy nor an attempt at psychoanalysis. It is the file of a hyper-violent passage in a man unable to question himself what remains in rejection and that harbors a high risk of repetition if the experts’ prognosis is unfavorable! “

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In addition to the verdict, the Advocate General asked the jury for ten years of corporate court assistance, including an injunction, a ban on approaching victims and an obligation to compensate them.

I, Robin Sénié-Delon, are currently advocating his defense. I, Georges Catala, am currently intervening. Judgment expected at the end of the day.

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