Toulouse: Extinction Rebellion action against a sign in the city center

The activists of the Extinction Rébellion association were in large numbers this Saturday, March 6th, to demonstrate in front of the Monoprix store in the city center. The front of the shop was completely covered with awareness-raising posters against deforestation in South America.

Through this powerful act, these activists support the casino group’s legal action taken by representatives of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon as well as non-governmental organizations such as l’Envol Vert.

“The Casino Group supply chain is involved in deforestation and human rights abuses. Their beef-based products are affecting indigenous organizations in the Amazon, such as the confiscation of their land, ”says Noémie, a volunteer with the Extinction Rébellion Association.

Cardboard trees symbolize the consequences of this food production. In front of the shop exit, volunteers serve a soup kitchen and offer free self-service clothing. This action aims peacefully to inform passers-by about the Rue Elsass-Lothringen, which is very busy on Saturdays.

“We don’t block access to shops. On the contrary, we interact with customers who are open to discussion. Part of our team is in the city center to tow and educate the people of Toulouse, ”adds Noémie. Dance and music livened up the square of the sign until 4 p.m.