Toulouse: Farmers are angry, disruptions are expected on Thursday morning

The essentials At the request of FDSEA 31 and Young Farmers 31, several hundred farmers and their machines will converge on the ring road from Toulouse and into the city center on Thursday, April 8, 2021. Disturbances are to be expected.

After a warm-up on Thursday 1st April in front of the sub-prefecture of Muret, the farmers of Haute-Garonne will start up this Thursday, April 8th, 2021. They are upset about the new common agricultural policy that is being implemented at European level by several meeting points converging to carry out a snail operation on the Toulouse ring road.

Here are the meeting points:

• SOUTH: Kapens at 8:30 am
• EST: Villefranche de Lauragais 8:30 am
• WEST: Roques roundabout in Cornebarrieu 9 am
• SOUTHWEST: Pibrac 9am
• NORTH: Verfeil village house at 8:30 am
• SOUTH EAST: SMIVOM roundabout at Auterive at 7.45 am

Periphery in the morning very slowly, in the afternoon in downtown Toulouse

The farmers will meet on the Ringstrasse in the morning. They indicate that they will leave a clear lane, but that very severe slowdowns can be expected on several sections of the motorway and on the ring road. The procession will end in the afternoon in the Monument aux Morts sector near the prefecture of Toulouse. The city center of Toulouse will therefore also be affected by the measures taken by farmers.

“Some risk losing 25 to 35% of European aid”

The farmers are planning a “warning shot”
The government is reviewing its copy on the evolution of the 2023 CAP, which is currently a risk
Reduce our aid from 50 to 80 € / ha “, explain the organizers of the event.” The proposals risk punishing large businesses … Some risk losing 25 to 35% of aid from Europe. Half of us could be affected. “

In January and February 2018, several demonstrations by farmers paralyzed Toulouse. Some expect such a strong action on Thursday April 8th