Toulouse: he swindles 26,000 euros at Pôle emploi with false papers

The essentials Armed with forged identity documents, a crook deceived several social organizations and stole them.

The identity check last week concerned the discovery of a crook in the Soupetard district of Toulouse. Wednesday, around 4 p.m., Chemin de Pelleport, the police officers from the anti-crime unit asked a man for his papers. Then they discovered that he had two ID cards with his photo, but with two different civil status details. An investigation was then entrusted to the Right Bank City Security General Investigation Unit.

A forger on social networks

The police found that one of the documents was forged and the other was illegally obtained. They also obtained banking and administrative documents that had been issued to him without his authorization. On this they found the suspect’s address and carried out a search. While in police custody, he admitted to promoting forgery on social networks. He had used identification papers and various documents to open bank accounts and defraud authorities.
He would have embezzled a total of 26,000 euros at the expense of the Pôle emploi, 1,100 euros for the family allowance and 2,800 euros for the health insurance. This 47-year-old man must be tried very quickly in the Toulouse Criminal Court.

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