Toulouse: In order to keep his partner, he pretends to be a lawyer

the basics The SRPJ has just confused a man who had usurped the identity of a Toulouse lawyer in order to keep his partner.

Trying to hide the truth from his girlfriend, he got caught up in a lie that is now leading him to court. A 28-year-old young man from western Toulouse has just been confused by criminal investigators. He had usurped the identity of the Toulouse criminal lawyer Brice Zanin for several months (see our previous editions).

It all starts with the attorney receiving an email from a woman in Canada asking about the status of the process he has started for her and her partner. The defense attorney falls out of the clouds. The name of the so-called customer does not ring and he does not find anything in his files. However, she claims to have exchanged dozens of emails with him for several months.

The attorney reports identity theft. The young woman quickly suspects her companion. He had told her that he had met Brice Zanin, a “childhood friend”. They had to defend the latter free of charge in a financial dispute. In fact, he never contacted him, but pretended to be him by composing a fake email with a header similar to that of the real company. So it is the usurper who answered the “customer” s emails.

Lost in financial problems, he wanted to reassure his friend and avoid a breakup. In the face of the investigators, he admitted the facts. He will be judged shortly. In the meantime he remains free. When contacted, Me Zanin welcomed “the actions of the public prosecutor’s office and the judicial police”.

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