Toulouse: Madeleine Dupuis, feminist socialist activist and former city councilor, died

The main Madeleine Dupuis, delegated as adviser on women’s rights during the Pierre Cohen parish in Toulouse, died this Wednesday April 21st.

Madeleine Dupuis, a feminist activist of great benevolence, died this Wednesday April 21st. She was Pierre Cohen’s adviser on women’s rights in Toulouse City Hall, but also federal secretary on women’s rights in the Socialist Party, which she left two years ago to join Générations.

Beautiful soul and great feminist socialist activist, she had supported the Simone Sagesse team from UT2 and led a beautiful campaign for parity in Toulouse in 94/95, then at the parity conference 98.

Madeleine Dupuis, a unionized Spanish teacher, joined the Socialist Party in 1974 after François Mitterrand’s defeat. Her engagement, crossed from start to finish by the struggle for equality between men and women, was nurtured by her husband, a university professor, and herself as a longtime PSU activist.

Secretary of Section XII in the 1980s, federal secretary for women’s rights for ten years, regional councilor from 1986 to 1992, councilor in the opposition from 2000 to 2007 and finally delegated councilor responsible for equality between women and men in Pierre Madeleine, Cohens Team from 2008 to 2014, realized: “When you are an activist, it is at the expense of your private life. In particular, she had succeeded in bringing Toulouse feminists together in the city hall of Toulouse in order to jointly implement measures for the benefit of equality.

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