Toulouse: Satanist tags in front of the Saint-Sernin church

The essentials On the forecourt of the Saint-Sernin church in Toulouse, several anti-religious labels were made last night. The priest of the basilica and the passers-by are shocked.

“The Return of Satan”, curved graffiti in red on pillars in front of the Saint-Sernin church. Other graffiti of the same type have been painted around. In the early morning, shocked passers-by at the Dépêche du Midi expressed their feelings. “It’s shameful!” Breathes a witness in disgust.

The father of the basilica is demanding a strong response from the authorities

For his part, the parish priest of Saint-Sernin, Father Bogdan Velyanyk, immediately confided his dismay: “Here is what I discovered this morning … In a harmful climate of free violence, total impunity, a lack of moral values ​​and human respect, how can one get away from it Do not let this offense against the Christian faith, the Catholic Church, but also the city of Toulouse and the beauty of its architecture astonish?

At this point, Toulouse City Hall has not yet responded or cleaned this graffiti, but it is likely that, according to our sources, a complaint will be made.

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