Toulouse: streets black with people because of the rush in the shops before the redesign

the essential last afternoon of shopping before the new delivery, which begins this evening, Saturday 3rd April. There was a crazy crowd on the streets in Toulouse. And the queues in front of the shops grew longer.

For those looking for a small company on the eve of this new detention, it was necessary to be in the streets of Toulouse on this Saturday afternoon. Crowded streets where shoppers had come together in search of the ultimate shopping before closing new stores that were not considered essential.

Among those consumers, some had come from quite a distance, like Martine and Marie, who took the train from Cahors this morning. “We are surprised by the world, recognize these Lotoises, obviously very satisfied with their purchases. “We didn’t need anything, but we bought shoes, pants, tops, swimsuits, jewelry, … the whole thing! », Detail the mother and daughter, laughing.

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Enrique and Cristina, meanwhile, arrive straight from Villemeur to “buy pants and t-shirts” at Primark, where the line goes around the store. “During the week I work in the construction industry. I needed clothes before I closed, I couldn’t help but come today, ”explains the young man.

Johan came from Léguevin, “as a family”, to go shopping. “We thought we were going to take a little walk in town, but we weren’t expecting so many people. We were on Rue Saint-Rome and it’s armored,” he slips.

“There are many people, there are too many”

Exactly on Rue Saint-Rome, where the crowd is never empty and queues form in front of the shops. Pierre, 26, patiently in front of the Courir store. “Tonight we’re celebrating the birthdays of two friends and I’m the one with gifts. That’s what I’m here for, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone out. There are a lot of people, there are too many, it looks like we’ve been locked up for 5 years. “

They too came out this Saturday because they had no choice. Adam and Imane are getting married next Friday. “We’re finishing our shopping today,” they explain, showing a bag full of shoes and make-up.

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For Sandrine, who is waiting in front of Bershka, “it is normal that there are so many people. Since the shopping centers are closed, everyone converges in the city center. “She is there to exchange clothes for her daughter,” otherwise I would have stayed at home “.

Emma is patiently a stone’s throw away in front of the “Nicolas” shop. “Tomorrow is Easter and I would like some advice on a bottle of wine,” she says, indifferent to the effervescence that animates the ready-to-use boutiques. “I don’t want to go shopping straight away because there’s nothing we can do,” she slips wisely.