Toulouse: The Cite Theater was evacuated this Wednesday morning

The essentials The last interruptions in the spectacle that occupied the city’s theater in Toulouse were evacuated by ten police officers that Wednesday morning.

Police went to Toulouse early Wednesday morning to evacuate the Théâtre de la Cité. The national scene had been occupied by periods of time for several weeks, worried about its future and the lack of perspective of the cultural scenes.
“The awakening is a little brutal. We are specifically asked to leave the premises. The management had promised to keep us informed if they initiate an eviction process,” said Benjamin, an inmate. According to information from La Dépêche, there were only four inmates on the premises that Wednesday morning when a dozen police officers intervened.

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The management of the Théâtre de la Cité made the decision yesterday evening. “The inmates have decided to no longer adhere to the mutually agreed health protocol. They no longer respected the greeting message. There should be no meeting in the theater. You broke our moral contract, ”says Stéphane Gil, deputy director of the Théâtre de la Cité.

These gatherings pose “a threat” to management.

According to management, “In an email sent to management late last week, the inmates made the unilateral and non-negotiable decision to no longer comply with the occupancy regulations (by allowing an unlimited number and organization of their general assembly within the theaters) These gatherings, which are not permitted in accordance with the occupation regulations, pose a risk to the health of the theater staff and the safety of facilities and equipment.
In accordance with the city of Toulouse and Toulouse Métropole (owner of the building), the prefecture of Haute-Garonne and Drac Occitanie, management has requested that the occupation of the building cease from this Wednesday.
“A bailiff who was present this morning informed the inmates of this decision. Those who remained in peace and the police officers stayed aside and were not brought to intervene,” confirms the order, stating that this decision is not correlated Content of the claims “.

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On this Wednesday afternoon, the residents are organizing a press conference in front of the theater. “It is not impossible to occupy this theater or another location again,” confirms an interruption.

Extended help

The Ministry of Culture responded positively to requests from the cultural sector on Tuesday. The white year is renewed, aid is given to young temporary workers, and a performing arts resuscitation plan has been announced. There were also positive responses for maternity and sick leave.

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