Toulouse: The quarrel between neighbors degenerates, he armed himself with a katana to settle bills

The Basics After an argument between neighbors in Toulouse, a 41-year-old man threatened the other katana. During their intervention, the BAC officers obtained a pistol and narcotics.

They obviously can’t stand each other anymore. Two neighbors from the Saouzelong district, near Rangueil in Toulouse, quarreled around 8 a.m. on Sunday morning. During this dispute, one of the two 41-year-old protagonists armed himself with a katana, a long-edged sword from Japan, before threatening his opponent with death.

The victim became scared and locked herself in her home until the police arrived. Crime Squad officers came to the suspect’s door. They rang the doorbell and the forty year old opened his door. A strong smell of cannabis then spread to all public areas.

Gun and cannabis found

After the police arrested him for threats with a gun, they decided to ransack his home. Inside, the police discovered the famous katana, but most importantly a 7.65 pistol, 550 g of cannabis herbs and cultivation equipment. When taken into custody, he denied the threats against his neighbor. Despite everything, on Tuesday, March 9th, he was brought to trial by a judge as part of a CRPC appearance on account of these facts, but also of possession of the pistol and narcotics. This repeat offender was sentenced to 15 months in prison, 9 of which were closed.

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