Toulouse. Top 14: Stade Toulousain against Brive not so easy

Published on 03/06/2021 8:38 pm

The five essential points, a consolidated management position and ten upcoming vacation days: everything is fine at the Stade Toulousain. However, if you go into the details to reach the very high level, there is a definite difference between the successful service that was provided at La Rochelle eight days ago and the much slower service that was provided on Saturday 6th March was offered to the Lawn of the Walloons against Brive.

Despite the 42 points and six attempts scored, this new success, the 10th in the last 12 days, actually has a taste of unfinished deals as Toulouse appeared to be above its opponents. However, they only had four lengths at rest (14-10) and even landed a few minutes (54th-60th) in the rating (14-17). This is due to a first mi …