Toulouse: Two men wounded by stabbing Mirail, one of them is between life and death

The essentials Two men were stabbed in Toulouse that Wednesday evening. The health of one of them is worrying.

What happened that Wednesday evening in the Bellefontaine district of Toulouse? Shortly after 8 p.m. help was called for two men wounded with knives in the Théodore Richard cul-de-sac. One of them is very badly affected in the femoral artery on the lower body. The fire fighters from the Vion barracks and a team from Samu intervened. They treated him on site before his transport in a condition that was considered very serious for the emergency room at Rangueil Hospital. The 20-year-old’s life would be in danger.

Another man, who was also wounded with a stabbing weapon, was being looked after by the emergency services at the same location. His health was not a cause for concern. He was taken to Purpan Hospital. Did the two men fight? Have you been attacked? The police carried out on-site observations and tried to understand how these two victims were injured. An investigation is open.