Toulouse: two violent attacks a few minutes apart, two victims in serious condition

The essentials Two people were looked after by the emergency services in Toulouse on Friday evening, March 5th. They would have been victims of aggression a priori without any connection between them.

Firefighters and a medical team from Smur 31 assisted a man on Friday March 5th at around 9.15pm on Rue Matabiau in Toulouse. The victim suffered serious injuries on the flank. She was reportedly hit with multiple stab wounds, likely a knife.

Witnesses spoke of a fight between two men, possibly related to the theft of a bicycle. After the first aid on site, the victim was evacuated to the emergency room at Purpan Hospital.

A few minutes later, this time on the Boulevard des Minimes in Toulouse, emergency services intervened to rescue a man who had been the victim of multiple wounds, particularly in the face. The health of this second victim, who lost a lot of blood, was also described as “worrying” according to the initial reports from the Smur 31 doctors. This man was also evacuated to Purpan Hospital in an emergency.

According to initial investigations, these two attacks would have no connection between them. The public security police were trying to find out what might have happened and trying to find the perpetrators of the violence.