Toulouse: who puts these little mirrors in the street?

In recent months it has been possible to admire the streets of Toulouse through the reflection of small mirrors all over the city. The artist duo Narcisse au carré, born out of the “desire to create together”, shows these mirrors in the streets of Paris and Avignon. Accompanied by strong or poetic messages, they were exported to the pink city. Regarding their name, they chose Narcissus in reference to the character from Greek mythology who fell in love with him after seeing his reflection in the water. The square was chosen in relation to the shape of the mirrors. Through this initiative, this group of artists was inspired by the rise of the selfie and its importance for social networks. Originally intended as a critical and ironic reflection on society, the message has expanded to include personal development with a few notes on poetry. Through their mirrors, they also try to highlight the work of other artists, especially street art, by installing the mirror to reflect them. After several attempts, they decided to make the mirrors the same size and shape as a polaroid, again with photography in mind. Often torn or degraded, mirrors don’t last long, so they use Instagram’s social network to keep track of their work. “The basic goal is to call passers-by and put a spark in their day,” explains the Toulouse member of this group. To decide where to put her mirrors, she walks the streets in search of a place that will inspire her. As soon as the inspiration comes, it chooses its message according to the place. It can be a reference to someone or even a phrase or word they like. In his view, “the job is finished when someone looks at it”, it is also an opportunity to rediscover the city by paying attention to details and hidden corners. Some people even had fun looking for treasure around town in search of small mirrors. This artistic initiative is exported with every trip that Narcisse au carré members take. Soon we will be able to find her in the streets of Moscow.

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