Toulouse: Your lifestyle was too luxurious to be honest, a family and relatives were arrested

The Basics Investigators from the judicial police’s territorial leadership and the inter-ministerial research group spent several months examining the accounts of a family and their relatives. The judiciary suspects money laundering, illegal work, misuse of company assets, forgery and forgery. Five people were taken into custody.

Toulouse Public Prosecutor Dominique Alzeari does not want to hear about drug trafficking or other specific crimes. “We are facing a purely financial investigation with large sums of money, which we seriously wonder about the source. We suspect that this money comes from the underground economy,” warns the head of the Toulouse Public Prosecutor’s Office.

On Tuesday, police launched an operation in and around Toulouse that arrested eight people. And when a search enabled the seizure of 4.5kg of cannabis from a primary target relative, investigators were mainly interested in the money. Apart from the discovered money, a few thousand euros and bank accounts (52,000 euros confiscated), the specialists of the economic and finance department of the judicial police, supported by their colleague from the GIR, spent long weeks investigating the financial flows.

After these investigations, in this accounting study we cross major real estate investments, life insurances (more than € 150,000 anyway), pay slips that were used to maintain an apartment, but would not correspond to much, but also to the classic type, luxury leather goods. Designer shoes and “luxury” vehicles, according to the investigators. “With official income that does not correspond to this lifestyle,” emphasize Commissioner Antoine Dufourg, head of the economic and financial department of the judicial police, and Commander Thierry Cassagnes-Gourdon, head of GIR.

“Doubtful” deals and generous financial credits

The main target of this investigation was a couple whose accounts, life insurance, house were confiscated. The 39-year-old man, who has a reputation for and may continue to play a role in illegal activities in the Izards district (he was never convicted of drug trafficking), has been arrested. His lawyer, Me Caroline Marty-Daudibertières, intends to use the instruction to demonstrate that “this money does not come from illegal activities”.

His wife and mother of his children, whose prosecution was about to be arrested, were released by the Freedom and Detention Judge. “His place is with his children and certainly not in custody,” emphasizes Me Pierre Le Bonjour. The other four defendants, all men, run businesses whose investigators question the reality of the activity but who have produced pay slips. Another borrowed money to suspect number 1. More than € 100,000 that the judiciary would like to know where they come from. Judge Fabien Terrier has to sort this out. It will take some time.

Meanwhile, Prosecutor Dominque Alzeari reiterated: “Our desire is to attack the financial aspect of the parallel economy. We have a lot of investigations underway on the matter. We will not ease our efforts.”