Tour in Europe: What is Joe Biden’s program?

The essentials Having arrived on European soil on Wednesday evening, Joe Biden is going on his first tour as US President. He meets several European heads of state and government with one primary concern: to make Europe forget the Trump years.

President Joe Biden’s first European tour started on Wednesday evening. It starts in the UK, where he meets Boris Johnson in the post-Brexit conflict.

In this exchange, trade agreements are discussed in particular, which remind of the “special relationship” between the two countries. London hopes to develop a new “Atlantic Charter” modeled on the one signed by Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The document “will recognize recent challenges such as the need to address the threat of cyberattacks, urgent action to combat climate change and protect biodiversity, and of course help the world end and recover from the coronavirus pandemic out of it, ”it said.

The two heads of state and government will also discuss resuming travel between the UK and the United States after the pandemic, as well as a future agreement that will enable better collaboration in the technology sector.

“Especially after the election of Trump, the Brexiters hoped for a stronger relationship with Trump America, with trade, tax, and tariff preferences that they would have received from the USA, the same historical relationships that are very old between these two nations” said Marie-Cécile Naves, United States Specialist and Director of Research at Iris, on the France Info microphone.

The G7 under Covid

A G7 summit will take place from Friday to Sunday, which is particularly dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis. According to the White House, Joe Biden will announce his country’s “historic” purchase of 500 million doses of Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine against Covid-19 to be donated to 92 disadvantaged countries through the Covax device, “the largest vaccine order” . and donation from a single country.

A NATO summit against Erdogan

Joe Biden will also visit Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on Sunday and then attend the NATO summit before another summit with the European Union. On this occasion he will meet Emmanuel Macron and Erdogan when Joe Biden called the Turkish President an autocrat and recognized the Armenian genocide.

The delicate meeting between Putin and Biden in Geneva

His long trip to Europe will culminate next Wednesday in Geneva with a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Poutine. “The United States is back!” The president exclaimed shortly after arriving in the UK, repeating the message he had been hammering out since he took office five months ago.

“And democracies around the world are united to face the toughest challenges.” In fact, this major tour is about brushing aside the international politics of his predecessor Trump and calming relations between the old continent and the first world power.

In this interview, several topics such as the fate of the Russian opponent Alexei Navalny imprisoned in Russia, Moscow’s support for the Belarusian regime or the question of nuclear weapons control will be discussed. The White House has already announced that no significant progress is expected from this meeting, which will end the American President’s first diplomatic marathon, reports France 24.

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