Toxic cloud of smoke in the tarn: one of the operators in custody

After waking up Tuesday morning under the thick poisonous cloud, the residents of Lavaur, Ambres, Labastide-Saint-Georges and Giroussens dreaded Tuesday through Wednesday night (read our previous issue). When asked, and given the temperatures announced on Tuesday evening, the farmer bluntly announced for the coming night: “If the temperatures drop, we have no choice but to continue.” The mayors of the surrounding communities called on the state and the prefecture to take their responsibility. After a delay of 24 hours, the time has finally come (see above).

Less smoke for the second night

However, on this Wednesday morning and despite a warning from the prefecture to the operator, the residents woke up again in the fog. “Doesn’t matter less,” we admit immediately. “It was a little less cold last night, the fires were lit a little later,” says Edouard, a resident of Amber. But again a poisonous cloud, more soot on the walls of the houses and on the roofs of the cars. And always having difficulty breathing when you wake up. “We can’t do everything we can to save apples,” angrily Florence angrily. Magali is a neighbor of the property. A stream separates his house from the first apple trees. “We’ve been living here for 20 years, this is the first time we’ve seen this. Every year we moan a little, but that’s unacceptable, we’ve been put in danger,” she said, showing his two white dogs who turned around have dark gray.
Serge and Vincent are both municipal agents in Ambres and work near the farm. Itchy, reddened eyes, sore throat and nose, the two mornings of work weren’t the most pleasant. “I wiped my nose at the end of the morning, the handkerchief was all black. And yet I was wearing a surgical mask. It is a public health problem, we have to find alternative solutions, ”says Vincent. Same goes for Serge. “I’ve lived here for 56 years, I’ve never seen that before”.

“It is unacceptable”

If the city of Ambres, which was hardest hit on Tuesday, was spared the next day, the wind blew smoke on the Lavaur side on Wednesday. In the market, the episode speaks a lot. Mireille and Richard, a couple from Labastide-Saint-Georges, were up yesterday morning. “I understand that we have to save the harvest, but not at any cost. And why did you start again today after what happened the day before? You act with impunity, nobody moves. “Guy is more moderate in his remarks. “You have to understand them even when they have no other choice. Yes, there is smoke, but it is difficult for the farmers, it is necessary to be tolerant, ”says the Vauréen.
Don’t talk about tolerance towards Marie *. His daughter lives in the Jacques Besse Lavaur Médico-Social Complex, which welcomes people with disabilities. The structure was flooded with smoke and firefighters intervened to bring the residents to safety. Some of them were looked after on site and two people had to be hospitalized. “I am angry. When I hear the operator say that they had no choice but to see them re-apply the same process after what happened on Tuesday, it is unacceptable. My daughter was shocked, there are still smells all over the center. “
New frosts are announced for the nights from Wednesday to Friday. Most likely, the arborist has no choice but to find another solution to save his orchards, as the population and elected officials are calling with one vote.

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