Triple murder in Lanuéjouls in Aveyron: 7 years in prison for the young driver

The three main 17-year-old teenagers, two girls and a boy sitting in the back of the vehicle, were killed in Lanuéjouls on March 14, 2020. The case was judged by the Rodez court yesterday.

Three manslaughter exacerbated by at least two circumstances: This time because of extreme gravity that the young KI, now 21, appeared in the Rodez court yesterday. Because he has already been convicted nine times of driving-related abuse (without a license, refusal to comply), violence, death threats … and a kidnapping case that led him to spend two years at Seysses’s home, 18 and 20 Years.

Yesterday afternoon, victims and families gathered to shed light on the course of that evening, in which three 17-year-old teenagers, two girls and a boy, were killed in the back of the vehicle driven by the warning. The fourth inmate, then 27 years old, will be seriously injured and disabled for several months.

“Flashed” at 98 km / h

On Saturday, March 14, at 2:26 a.m., ambulance services were contacted following a violent accident in the city center of Lanuéjouls on a straight line axis. Three parked vehicles and several houses are damaged by the car, a Rover 600.

Its speed is recorded at 98 km / h at the entrance to the village by an educational radar, according to the summary proposed by President Mandana Samii. The vehicle therefore hit several houses and cars at high speed. One of the young girls is thrown out and found lifeless under a vehicle. The other two young people die in the back of the car, the fourth occupant gets stuck in the passenger seat.

Only the AI ​​remained intact. In his blood 1.72 mg of alcohol and a cocaine-shit-methamphetamine cocktail. The defendant had suggested that the young people, mostly “acquaintances” and not friends, be “sent” to the Helianthe nightclub in Lanuéjouls after an aperitif in a Decazeville park.

You will arrive there around 1am and consume a second bottle of alcohol … before leaving barely an hour later … to end your route quickly and unfortunately.

The “ridiculous weight of words”

The accused wants to “accept”, but the blurring sets in: the witnesses see him trying to restart, flee, come back, move a body in order to put it behind the wheel …

I, Brunel, Jammes and Galandrin, will in turn evoke for the civil parties the pain of families, victims, the “ludicrous weight of words” to evoke this “chronicle of a death foretold” or even the “incredible cowardice” of the accused.

“AI is not a murderer at the law level in the sense that he did not intend to kill,” said prosecutor Naboulet, pointing out the many inconsistencies in the young man’s statements. he will ask against him in his plea for eight years in prison.

“I believe him”

For this trial, the defendant had joined the services of Me Sabatier and Gosset, the first to have known him for several years and “seen him develop”, and confirmed: “When he says he has remorse, regret and Hates himself, I think. On March 14th he collected everything he needed to have an accident, but not to kill his colleagues. “

Me Gosset then wanted to tackle the difficult childhood of AI. Born in Mayotte in 1999, he traveled to Reunion at a young age, then arrived in the Decazeville Basin at age 12 against a background of domestic violence. For her colleague Me Sabatier, AI is “not a monster … It is the process of unconsciousness and immaturity”.

The court was little removed from the prosecutor’s requests and AI was sentenced to 7 years in prison earlier in the evening.

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