Tropesa: an environmentally conscious towel made from recycled plastic bottles

With the return of the nice days, maybe the beach or even the swimming pool at the end of the garden, the problem of the beach towel will reappear. What if you go for a beach towel made from recycled plastic bottles this year?

This is definitely what the young Tropesa brand proposes, which has made plastic recycling its hobbyhorse! Classic beach towels stay wet for a long time and are difficult to wear if they are also full of sand. This is not the case with the TROPESA towel and we explain why!

Who is Tropesa?

Guillaume Eckes, 28 years old, from Lille and founder of the TROPESA brand, wanted a light towel that dries quickly and is easy to transport. While walking in the south of France and before dramatically watching the plastic bottles littering the beach, he got an idea! Eureka! No Tropesa! His beach towels would therefore be ecological and would be made from this raw material since it is enough to bend down to pick them up! By the way!

What are Tropesa towels?

Tropesa towels are therefore French and innovative! The fabric used is unique and consists of recycled plastic bottles, the company explains in a press release. The microfiber material consists of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. This new type of fabric repels sand and dries quickly without, of course, losing its main property: absorbing about a liter of water.

Image credit: Tropesa

How much does it cost ?

Two collections are available for this spring: the sports collection and the beach collection. For the sports collection, each towel costs 29 €. A total of 15 models, with a secret pocket to store your headphones. Everyone is named after a city! Our favorite from the sports collection: New York! Colorful and trendy designs.

For the beach collection, each model sells for € 49 (160 cm x 80 cm). Each beach towel sold uses 20 plastic bottles and as with the Sports collection, the designs chosen are so cool! Beach towels have names … beach! Logic! And our preference goes to Vanuatu …

But taste and colors cannot be discussed! In any case, on Tropesa you will inevitably find what you are looking for, support a young French company and do something for the planet! The perfect combination is!