Trump is banned from YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and is developing his own social network!

Remember the beginning of 2021 in the United States! While Donald Trump had just been defeated by Joe Bidden in the presidential election, the future ex-president had urged his supporters to march towards the Capitol … This was followed by a regular invasion of the American fortress!

But also violence and even deaths among the demonstrators … A few days later Trump was banned from all major social networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Shopify! A politician silenced by banning his accounts! A world first … But due to the fact that Trump is going to be, don’t we suddenly hear him anymore?

Of course, we don’t hear him anymore as he can no longer tweet excessively, but that doesn’t mean he will never speak again! A few days ago, his main adviser Jason Miller announced on Fox News that Trump would soon open his own social network … And that’s what the next web says in two to three months at most!

“I think we’ll see President Trump again on social media here with his own platform in probably a few months. And that’s something that I think will be the most popular social media ticket out there. It will completely redefine the game and everyone will wait and see what exactly President Trump does. Jason Miller explains on this Fox News Show.

Trump would be opening his own social network soon, in two to three months at the most. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Evan El-Amin

According to his advisor, the deposed president will redistribute the social network cards with this new way of communication! And he expects tens of millions of people on his platform!

Those who missed the former president will be amazed! At least if Trump is creating his own social network, he cannot be excluded from it! It’s maybe the only reason pushing the former President of the United States to start his social network … We’ll see what he has to say in two or three months as he’s finally regained his freedom of speech … Let You admit to us it’s a little scary, isn’t it?