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Will nature no longer surprise us one day? Nothing is less certain. While we believed that common animals like bees finally took us by surprise, a viral video recently appeared showing us the opposite. In fact, two bees managed to uncork a bottle of soda themselves. How is it possible ?

Bees are not just pollinators

In general, we know that bees play an important role in the food chain. But aside from the fact that bees are pollinators, they are also endowed with other talents and appear to be more intelligent than their small size suggests.

A video originally posted on Twitter actually shows a pair of bees uncorking a bottle of Fanta to access the sugary liquid inside. Aside from the fact that the video itself is fun, some have wondered if, on the one hand, the video was real? On the other hand, if the bees really cooperated to get the lemonade, wouldn’t they be more intelligent than we previously thought?

Tiny brain, but high cognitive performance

You should know that Karl von Frisch in 1962 – who 10 years later received the Nobel Prize for research into bee communication – claimed that bumblebees were too small to think. According to him, the ingenious nature of bees could only be the result of a wired instinct. Other researchers after him then set out to test how intelligent a bee’s brain could be, reports Science Alert.

We already know that a bee’s brain is about 0.0002% smaller than ours. However, size is not everything. On the one hand, small animals have much less body mass, so they naturally have smaller brains. On the other hand, the connection between neurons could be much more complex and important for cognitive performance.

Bees working as a team to connect the two parts of a swarm. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Viesinsh

Bees would be awesome if there was a reward.

Zoologists then argued that bees can “do amazing intellectual feats”. In fact, in the brain of a packed bee, a single nerve cell can come into contact with 100,000 other cells! So if von Frisch’s belief is trustworthy, the bees may have sensed a sweet reward through the soda bottle and blindly searched for a way to remove the resistance they encountered.

In any case, according to ViralHog, the video licensor who purchased the footage, the video was recorded by a worker in Sao Paulo, Brazil, during his lunch break. “I got a lemonade from a customer, but the bees soon stole it,” he says in the video caption. So next time you have soda, watch out for the bees!

Here are some smart bees opening a soda bottle 🐝

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