Two new MRIs in line: Emmanuel Macron’s promise

the essentials Two new MRIs are due to be installed in the hospitals of Gourdon and Figeac shortly. In any case, this is the promise that Emmanuel Macron made to the elected officials last Thursday. He also promised to release funds to renovate the Gramat Hospital Center.

The news came from above and was supposed to shake the medical world in Lot. During his meeting with elected officials in Lot Prefecture, Emmanuel Macron promised not one but two MRIs for the department. An announcement that elected officials have been waiting for.

When Jean-Marie Courtin, the mayor of Gourdon, spoke to Emmanuel Macron last Thursday, he did not expect such a reaction. “This MRI has been requested for our hospital for a long time. Radiology is necessary for all departments, he explains. The installation of the MRT takes place within the framework of the state hospital group. This means that it is used as far as Saint-Céré, Souillac and even the Dordogne. “A team of five radiologists is waiting for this new equipment at Gourdon Hospital.

The regional health plan revised upwards

The announcement was still enough to get the stretchers kicked, particularly in Figeac, where a month ago the local council had requested the installation of an MRI. But without counting on the second surprise announcement of this presidential visit, namely the revision of the regional health plan. Corrected upwards, this then allows the lot to be granted a second MRI. This time Figeac wins.

“This is very good news,” says André Mellinger, mayor of the sub-prefecture of Lot and chairman of the hospital’s supervisory board, who has not yet received any official information. “The arrival of an MRI in Figeac is a very interesting prospect. This diagnostic tool will improve patient safety and save them travel, ”says André Mellinger.

The Figeac hospital, which is currently being renovated, has long hoped that this foundation would enhance its attractiveness. “There is a good radiology team. “Avid defender of” territorial justice “, André Mellinger, enthusiastic about his industry, hopes for” a 4th “soon.” We must not forget that there is a hospital in Saint-Céré, “he argues.

“Ensure faster supply”

Only one MRI is currently installed in the plumb line of the Cahors hospital. It was introduced in 2008 and renewed in 2017. While the date of their arrival is still very uncertain, many hope that these new MRIs will disrupt the department’s medical habits. “These MRIs will enable a better diagnosis, shorten waiting times and thus ensure faster care measures,” assures the Prefect of Lot Michel Prosic.

“More and more needs are being expressed in rural areas,” says one from the Elysee. It is necessary to ensure a sufficient network of the territory so that everyone has access to the most efficient health service possible. “

The President undertakes to renovate the hospital center

In terms of health in the Lot, Emmanuel Macron was elaborate and fairly generous in his pledges last Thursday. Michel Sylvestre, the Mayor of Gramat, still finds it hard to believe: the President has given his approval to part-finance the renovation of the hospital center. For the doctor and the elected, it is the culmination of more than ten years of struggle. “There were several medical and medico-social projects in collaboration with doctors, staff and the ARS. But funding has always been a problem, ”explains the mayor.

The budget estimates are currently around € 13 million. “The project was validated together with the departmental council,” confirms Julie Senger, department head of the ARS. Now we are entering a new phase, especially with the architectural aspect. “

A two-headed being

The Gramat Hospital Center is special in that it includes both a hospital and an Ehpad, which are spread over two locations. The aim of the renovation would be to bring this two-person unit together in a single location around the current Louis-Conte hospital center. “There will be several phases: first the construction of a new wing, then the renovation of the nursing home. We also have plans to renovate nursing home beds, rebuild two small safe Alzheimer’s units and a center for activities and adapted care, or even increase the capacity of the nursing home service… ”explains Michel Sylvester.

When the mayor assures that the capacity “remains the same”, some remain suspicious. This is the case with the defense collective of the Gramat Hospital, which is demanding “clarifications” through a public meeting. “What will the health offer look like? he asks. “An indiscretion suggests a reduction of five beds for the medical service and twenty beds for the nursing home. […] or almost 20% of current capacity. “

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