Unemployment insurance with the State Council

Six weeks before the July 1st unemployment insurance reform goes into effect, the unions will use their last and greatest weapon to fight back by appealing to the State Council. According to the FO, all unions – with the exception of the CFTC, which is still hoping for a “gesture” from the government – should jointly appeal the decree of March 30th against the administrative judiciary on Tuesday or Wednesday. “We have not drafted a joint appeal because every organization has its own line, but our lawyers will symbolically work together to show our common opposition. This is not the ultimate hope, but we are counting on it a lot,” says Michel Beaugas (FO) ).

Broken ties

The unions will file both a summary suspension and a referral on the matter. The judges have one month to rule on the suspension and then potentially four months to review merits. In particular, the unions condemn the breaches in jobseeker equality caused by the change in the calculation of the daily reference wage (SJR) on July 1, at the heart of the reform. FO raised a rabbit about the inequalities that have arisen for unusual compensation periods (partial activity, maternity leave, illness …).

In order to avoid these “undesirable effects”, Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne has drawn up an amending decree which provides that these periods “are counted as if the salary had been at the usual level”. In addition, the amending decree corrects only a “very minor effect” of the reform, notes Denis Gravouil (CGT), whose union has presented another unfavorable study on the allowance for the return of certain unemployed people to work. The unions also deny other measures (with the exception of the bonus-malus for employers), for example tightening the 4 to 6-month work on access to rights.

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