Unions and associations are calling for the Order of Doctors to be dissolved

The essentials In a forum, 26 organizations demand the dissolution of the Order of Doctors.

In a column published online on Tuesday March 9th, several medical unions and patient organizations called for the dissolution of the National Council of the Order of Doctors (CNOM), which “protects corrupt and abusive health professionals”. .

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“We have to dissolve the Order of Doctors!”

26 organizations and associations, including the SNJMG, warn of the harmfulness of the Order of Doctors. pic.twitter.com/JQ0YCxE1DO

– Young MG Union (@SNJMG) March 9, 2021

The French Doctors Ethics Panel is “useless” and harmful “, judge these 26 organizations, relying in particular on the” damned “report published by the Court of Auditors in December 2019, which pointed to too late sanctions against facts, sexual assault and sexual assault” often incomplete and insincere “accounts.

“This facility protects corrupt and abused health professionals while abusing care system users and professionals who try to respect their professional ethics,” they argue.

“A Democratic Aberration”

Several complaints against ex-surgeon Joël Le Scouarnec, convicted of rape and sexual assault against minors in December 2020, were “closed” while some doctors were “summoned and reminded of the order to non-fraternity” criticizing the practice of the Excess charges in social networks, explained AFP Guillaume Getz from the Syndicate for General Practice (SMG), one of the organizations at the origin of the platform.

If the Court of Auditors called for a modernization of the functioning of the CNOM, this institution “cannot be reformed”, judges this doctor, who sees it as “a democratic aberration”, “a paternalistic organization of the old regime type”, since all doctors in office are obliged to themselves to stick to it.

“We hit a wall”

The forum is signed by several organizations of members of the health professions (SMG, National Association of Young General Practitioners, Movement of Insubordination to Professional Regulations, Federal Association of Doctors-CGT, Globule noir, which presents itself as a group of racially motivated carers), but also by numerous feminist and Patient associations (stop obstetric and gynecological violence, national collective for women’s rights, CLE-autistic, etc.).

When women “exposed to medical violence” turn to the most obvious recourse to denounce the abuses we fall victim to: the Order of Doctors (…), all too often we bump into a wall and the chance to find one seeing successful complaints are very minor. (…) The Order fails in its mission to protect patients “, pleads on its website the association of patients with endometriosis against our resistant bodies to explain why it is connected to this forum.

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