United Kingdom: Following the disappearance of Prince Philip, Charles, the Queen’s new advisor

Eight days after his death, Prince Philip, husband of Elizabeth II, is buried today in Saint George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. He died on April 9 at the age of 99 and was Prince Consort for the longest time in the history of the British monarchy. Its disappearance will change the dynamics within the royal family. “Until the end he will have retained his intellectual abilities and his role as advisor to the Queen’s shadow, even if he never got involved in politics,” admits Marc Roche, a specialist in monarchy and author of a biography of Elizabeth II, she wanted not be a queen! When he did not have access to the monarch’s red box, which was filled every evening with official and diplomatic documents and royal correspondence, Prince Philip gave the Queen his opinion on issues of the family, personal and philanthropic order. “Elizabeth II, 94 years old, lost her eldest companion after being married to him for more than 73 years, but also her closest support. It is her son, Prince Charles, who will take over the reins.

William, sexier

“To compare with the corporate world, the Queen will be the non-executive President, confined to her representative role, and Charles will be the General Manager.” On the other hand, there is no question that the queen abdicates in favor of the heir to the throne. “Elizabeth II is not only the religious leader of the Anglican religion, but also very religious. Since she has taken the religious oath to serve until her death, she will not give up her place,” comments the specialist. In fact, Prince Charles is already replacing his mother in many areas: traveling abroad and to the provinces, receiving guests of honor, awarding medals …

The Prince of Wales is thus one of the best-prepared successors to the British monarchy. The task won’t be any easier, however. “His son William, who is second only to the throne, is much more popular than him, underlines Marc Roche. He’s sexier, the pair he forms with Kate, who has his own place among the royals, is much more interesting than the Charles-Camilla couple. The wife of the future king has always stayed in the background so as not to overshadow him like Diana. Charles is therefore watched by the Duke of Cambridge, whom the Queen formatted according to his image in terms of traditions. “”

Nevertheless, father and son with Camilla and Kate, but also Princess Anne, the queen’s daughter, Prince Edward, her youngest son, and his companion Sophie, the queen’s closest friend, form the new hard core of the royal family within the family. This group is also described by the British press as the seven mercenaries or the new company … Prince Andrew, the Queen’s third child, had to withdraw from the affairs of the monarchy because he was related to criminal sex and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was died in prison in 2019. As for Prince Harry, this funeral seems to confirm his break with William. In the procession that follows the coffin, the two brothers are separated from their cousin Peter Philips. On the advice of her doctor, pregnant Meghan Markle will not attend this funeral. “That way, she avoids an icy reception from the rest of the kings,” said Marc Roche. The family still hasn’t digested the explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s allegations of racism.

Military funerals

Prince Philip’s funeral begins at 3:40 p.m. this Saturday at Windsor Castle. The Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin is placed in a Land Rover designed with the help of the Prince himself. The bronze-green vehicle drives to St. George’s Chapel, followed by Prince Charles and other members of the royal family. Various armed forces are aligned along the route: the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Highlanders, the 4th Royal Regiment of the Scottish Battalion and the Royal Air Force. Cannon shots are fired and the curfew tower bell rings throughout the procession. A minute’s silence is observed at 4 p.m. Due to restrictions related to the coronavirus, only 30 people can attend the ceremony, including the Queen, her children, and William and Harry.

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