USA: shooting in Colorado supermarket kills ten

The Basics Ten people were killed in a supermarket shooting Monday afternoon in Boulder, Colorado, United States.

Ten people, including a police officer, were killed in a shooting Monday afternoon in a supermarket in the US city of Boulder, Colorado. “Several people were killed in this incident,” said Kerry Yamaguchi, police commander of this town at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. “I’m sorry to announce that one of them was a Boulder town police officer,” he said during a brief press conference.

In the early afternoon, the Governor of Colorado and the Mayor of Boulder both spoke of a “tragedy” when they responded on Twitter. “Our community will soon be mourning its losses,” wrote Mayor Sam Weaver.

The Boulder Star will be lit tonight in memory of the ten victims of today’s tragic shootout. Please take a moment and look to the star in hope of a future where these terrible events are a distant memory. And let’s commit to making such a future a reality.

– Sam Weaver (@sampweaver) March 23, 2021

Live footage of the massive police operation around the King Soopers supermarket showed a person, a white man only in sports shorts, being led out of the store by the police. The man had his hands cuffed behind his back and appeared to be injured with traces of blood on his leg.

President Joe Biden received briefing on the shooting, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

The shooter’s motives are still unclear

According to local media, the police were on the scene after being informed of the presence of an armed man in the supermarket parking lot. The police, in turn, came under fire upon arrival.

When asked about the course of events, Commander Yamaguchi simply replied that “the police were there within minutes of calling the emergency number” and “very quickly” entered the supermarket where the shooter was called. “The policeman said he could not say any more about the possible motives of the suspect who was taken to the hospital or what had taken him to the supermarket.

In images that have not been verified by authorities, at least three bodies can be seen on the floor in and around the building as gunfire rang out.

Customers evacuated from supermarkets after filming. Photo AFP Large police forces were mobilized. AFP photo

Customers hidden in the store

About half an hour after the first gunshots, dozens of law enforcement officers, including heavily armed intervention units, surrounded the supermarket. They had armored vehicles that they positioned at the entrance of the store after attempting to smash the store front, according to images broadcast live by a witness. Half a dozen police officers armed with assault rifles were then hoisted onto the roof of the shop in a fire truck that had set up its large ladder.

Some customers hiding in the store said they were rescued by police officers walking through the roof of the building. After the calm returned to the King Soopers parking lot, customers who had been brought to safety in front of the store sat wrapped in blankets and interacted with rescue workers.

Police officers in the parking lot of the supermarket where the Boulder shooting took place. AFP photo

Joe Biden wants to limit guns

Shootings of this kind in schools, shopping malls, or places of worship are a recurring evil in the United States, and successive governments have been unable to contain the increase in the number of murders. In mid-February, President Joe Biden urged Congress to act “now” to restrict the flow of firearms across the country three years after the Parkland, Florida high school massacre.