Vaccination record: how do I get it and what is it used for?

The essentials Since this Monday, May 3rd, the vaccination certificate against Covid-19 can be saved in its TousAntiCovid application. It confirms that your vaccination cycle against the disease is over and can serve as a health passport, especially for travel.

Our smartphone could soon become a passport certifying our vaccination against Covid-19. With a view to the introduction of a health passport, which in the coming weeks should give the right to travel or to visit certain very busy places (stadiums, concerts, festivals, etc.), the certificate of vaccination against the disease can be issued since Monday, the May 3rd, saved in the “Certificates & Carnet” section of the TousAntiCovid application.

Anyone who has been vaccinated against Covid-19 can now ask the doctor to give him a paper vaccination certificate with a QR code to the right of the document that can be scanned into AllAntiCovid with his phone via “My Carnet” can be (1). The certificate is then saved in the application. This document comes with your second dose and ensures that your Covid-19 vaccination cycle is completed.

Vaccination certificates come with QR code! Then scan on AntiCovid! The health passport is being rolled out gradually and that is good news.

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People who were vaccinated before May 3rd and have not received a vaccination certificate with a QR code can access this document from the end of May. The health insurance company sends all owners of a vaccinated Ameli account a message informing them of the availability of the certificate. Note that for people who do not master or have no access to digital tools, health insurance companies can send their certified vaccination certificate by mail.

Certificate recorded in the TousAntiCovid application

The vaccination certificate only contains the following data: identification of the vaccinated person, name of the vaccine for the last injection, date of the last injection and vaccination status. It also contains two visible electronic seals: the Datamatrix, a type of QR code that authenticates the document used by the French administration to certify its documents, and the QR code that is used to flash the certificate in the Carnet de the TousAntiCovid application can be recorded.

Example of a vaccination record. Health insurance

In a statement released on May 3, the Scientific Council said it was in favor of the health pass but was used “temporarily and exceptionally”. According to the government advisory board, chaired by Jean-François Delfraissy, “it can provide the population with a form of return to normal life by minimizing the risk of contamination by the Sars-CoV-2 virus”.

The digital format of the health passport is considered to be safer

The members of the Scientific Council also consider the digital format of the health passport to be safer than its paper version. “The use of the digital format allows the user not to see certain information and medical data concerning him and in particular the source for obtaining the health passport. The use and communication of the paper format to third parties does not allow personal and personal data to hide medical information that the Health Pass Controller doesn’t need to know, “they explain.

In addition to the vaccination certificate, you can also save your test results electronically in the “Certificates & Carnet” section of the TousAntiCovid application (RT-PCR and antigen tests). It is useful to have your results and vaccination certificate on hand when traveling to certain countries that require evidence of a recent negative test or certificate of vaccination.

(1) A free telephone assistance system is available to users 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on 0 800 08 71 48.

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