Vaccines against Covid-19: what compensation for nurses?

The essentials In addition to doctors and nurses, pharmacists can vaccinate from Monday, March 15th. But how much are health professionals paid to give vaccine serums for Covid-19? Are the salaries different? Do caregivers get a bonus for vaccinating patients? Decryption.

Starting Monday March 15, pharmacists will be on the list of health professionals who can vaccinate the population. Those affected can therefore be vaccinated in pharmacies, at their treating doctor or at their work doctor, as well as in the various vaccination centers. But how much are health professionals paid for the Vaccination Act? Is the remuneration the same for everyone? Do you get an extra bonus for every vaccine you give? La Dépêche will answer you.

Remuneration of doctors

For doctors who work in a vaccination center, nursing home or other medico-social facility, there are two types of remuneration: a flat-rate remuneration and a remuneration for the service.

As part of the flat-rate remuneration, she receives up to 420 euros for a 4-hour half day (or 105 euros per hour for less than 4 hours of attendance). On weekends and public holidays, the package holiday is 460 euros per half day (or 115 euros per hour for less than 4 hours).

In addition, a lump sum of 5.40 euros is paid retrospectively for each injection that is entered in the “Covid Vaccine” teleservice. “Their use is compulsory to ensure the smooth running and proper monitoring of this vaccination campaign,” the health insurance company recalls on its website.

For the service fee, the vaccination alone is reimbursed with 9.60 euros. If consultation is required, 25 euros will be charged (injection included if done at the same time).

Remuneration of nurses

There are two options for nurses who also perform vaccination procedures, but the remuneration is different from that of the doctors. As part of a flat-rate fee, it is 220 euros per hour for 4 hours or 55 euros per hour for less than 4 hours (240 € / 4h or 60 € / h on weekends and public holidays). The law is remunerated at 6.30 euros.

Compensation for replacement staff, retirees or students

The remuneration of the replacement health workers, who were also mobilized at the forefront of the vaccination campaign, also varies. This time it’s an hourly rate. Retired doctors and interns receive EUR 50 per hour during the day during the week (EUR 75 in the evening and EUR 100 on weekends and public holidays). Nurses and retired medical students receive € 24 per hour (€ 36 in the evening, € 48 on weekends and holidays). Finally, the remuneration of the nursing students is 12 euros per hour (18 euros in the evening, 24 euros on weekends and public holidays).

Remuneration of pharmacists

Pharmacists who start vaccinating from March 15th will receive 7.90 euros for the vaccination law. This remuneration includes the prescription of the vaccine and the completion of the questionnaire to patients in the pharmacy. That is 1.60 euros more than the law for the flu vaccine.