Vaccinodrome: a goal of 3,800 injections this weekend in Toulouse

The essentials The authorities are aiming for more than 3,000 injections this weekend thanks to the organization of a vaccinodrome in Hall 8 of the former Parc des Expos on the Île du Ramier.

Don’t call anymore, it’s full! The opening of a vaccinodrome this weekend in Toulouse in Hall 8 of the former Parc des Expos on the Île du Ramier immediately sparked an influx of calls on Wednesday, the first day of appointments. And on Thursday the prefecture announced that all available appointments were reserved.

Within 24 hours, almost 50,000 call attempts were counted by the CHU platform (see adjacent figure), which obviously could not be handled. This record backlog, which has been observed since the dates opened at the beginning of January, remains the black point of the vaccination campaign. A black spot responsible for the outrage of vaccine candidates, primarily the elderly.

A few numbers are enough to understand the huge gap between the target population and the availability of doses. Haute-Garonne has 107,000 people over the age of 75 and a total population of 1.4 million. And according to the Operational Vaccination Committee, which brings together the prefecture and health department, 155,120 injections were given on March 23.

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The availability of cans depends on the availability of cans and the possible forecasts or non-conditions of their arrival, recalls the Prefect Etienne Guyot, who is now expecting a sharp increase in deliveries.

Ten queues

A first attempt to accelerate the vaccination campaign took place on March 6th and 7th. Around twenty centers opened over the weekend, including temporary ones. More than 6,000 Astra Zénéca injections were then performed. Today and tomorrow the authorities want to accelerate again. Nobody denies the term vaccinodrome used in this case for the Ramier Vaccination Center, vaccinodromes that the local communities have been calling for for some time.

For this location alone, the prefect is aiming for “more than 3,000 people to be vaccinated with Pfizzer” at the weekend. Samu’s boss Vincent Bounes doesn’t hesitate to mention the 4,000. City hall, prefecture, health department, university hospital, liberal doctors, firefighters, army health service, but associations of reservists with their many volunteers: everyone has put the package down. According to Deputy Mayor François Chollet, ten vaccination lines and the same number of boxes were installed, “with a possibility of increasing to fifteen”. The Vaccinodrome is open every weekend and then soon during the week. Further centers are planned in the department.

The Department Council wants more vaccinodromes

Georges Méric, the PS chairman of the departmental council, took advantage of the launch of the “Haute-Garonne solidarités” telephone platform and sharply criticized the government in dealing with the crisis and especially the vaccination. “After the failure of the masks, the ‘test, isolate, track’ policy, we fail vaccination. How many deaths will it take?” In order to speed up vaccination, the Department Council proposed to the Prefect the creation of four Vaccinodromes in the north and west of the department, but also in the Volvestre and Comminges. “The reception areas have been identified, the modalities of health implementation with the community of nurses as well as the logistical and human resources are planned. Today only the cans are missing, and we renew our request to the authorities Sinn to open these centers as soon as possible . “The department also said that the Clinique Monié vaccination center in Villefranche-de-Lauragais will soon be housed in more spacious premises in the same municipality.