VanMoof: An innovative kit (PowerBank) that gives electric bikes a range of 100 kilometers!

A PowerBank that saves an additional 45 to 100 km Photo credit: VanMoof

When you own an electric bike, two problems often arise: autonomy and the lack of ease of plugging in an electric bike when it doesn’t have a removable battery. To remedy this problem, from June the Dutch manufacturer VanMoof will offer an external battery or PowerBank that will give the brand’s electric bikes an autonomy of around 100 km.

If you have a garden or garage, the problem of charging will not arise. On the other hand, the PowerBank is a real need in an apartment! VanMoof therefore makes life easier for its users, but it has to come at a price.

Despite the reputation of the VanMoof electric bikes, they did not yet have an external battery, this was their main flaw. Today, therefore, it is done with this replaceable battery compatible with the two models of the brand (S3 and X3). It attaches in the middle of the frame and saves an additional 45-100 km.

If we want to believe the manufacturer, the brand’s electric bikes have a starting range of 150 kilometers … However, a test carried out by the Frandroid site estimates the range at 60 kilometers with constant support. In any case, the external battery significantly increases the range of electric bikes.

2.8 kg more for the 20 kg VanMoof motorcycles! Image credit: VanMoof

On the weight side, 2.8 kg more is added to the 20 kg VanMoof motorcycles! It takes 3 hours to fully charge the battery. The prize costs 348 euros to win 100 kilometers! Delivery will start on June 7th, 2021. Don’t forget that from now on you can benefit from an exchange bonus of € 2,500 when you swap your old environmentally harmful car for a brand new electric bike!

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