Victory! Free regular coverage for students at the beginning of the school year!

Victory! From the next school year, regular reporting will be free for all students in France and Navarre! On June 13, 2019, we spoke to you about Marlène Schiappa, the Prime Minister’s Foreign Minister at the time, who is responsible for equality between women and men and the fight against discrimination, and who has thought about the problem.

An official press release from Frédérique Vidal, Minister for Higher Education, ended this long deliberation on February 22nd … Is it the associations, the regions or common sense that tipped the government off? We’ll never find out, but we did and that’s great news!

Periods and periodic protection are still taboo in our society … However, menstrual insecurity is a social problem and a major problem for young women with few resources. In the coming weeks, 1,500 distributors will therefore be installed in student dormitories. From the beginning of the school year, students are completely free.

Frédérique Vidal states that protection respects the environment … and at the same time the student. Often the choice of purchases depends on the price, and in terms of regular protection, choosing the cheapest is often a guarantee of chemicals … Dangerous to the health of young women!

A third of the students suffer from menstrual cramps

According to AFEP (Etudiante de Poitiers Association) and ANESF (Etudiante de Sage Femmes Association), every third student cannot buy regular protection! This measure complements the various resources available to students who have been severely affected by the health crisis. Distribution of meals, psychological help, young people are seriously suffering from this ongoing crisis.

A decision to delve into

Offering free regular protection to female students is a great thing … But this measure obviously has its limits! In fact, high school or college girls are also covered by this regular protection. Just like women in a very precarious situation who are not students! If the Île-de-France region will fund 425 high school traders, it will not be the case everywhere in France.

Free regular protection for female students: a new commitment from @gouvernementFR to tackle all types of insecurity.

– Frédérique Vidal (@VidalFrederique) February 23, 2021

After all, not all students study in CROUS, some do so for medical reasons or remotely, if they choose, and nothing is planned to assist them on this point! According to a 2017 IFOP survey, 130,000 female students skip classes 5 days a month and 1.7 million women in France experience menstrual insecurity!

The measure is good for those who benefit but do not solve the problem of thousands of other women in the same situation. Make every effort to ensure that every woman can live her period as normally as possible!