VIDEO. Dead dogs locked up in Valence-d’Agen: discover the terrifying pictures of the house

The basics A few weeks after the horrific discovery of two dead dogs imprisoned in Valence-d’Agen in Tarn-et-Garonne, the owner of the animals was sentenced to 4 months in prison on Monday 29 March. A shocking video of the inside of the house where the animals perished allows us to make their ordeal a reality.

Four months in prison. 1800 € good. Ten-year ban on keeping pets. The verdict delivered by the Montauban court on Monday March 29th is at the height of the ordeal the two crossed boxers endured. The dogs were abandoned in a cul-de-sac in Valence d’Agen and died of hunger and thirst to general indifference.

A video that was recorded before the house was cleaned gives an overview of the animals’ living conditions and the extent of the property damage.

“We have to change the laws”

When he said “excuse me” and assured that he “loves her like (his) own children,” the tenant of the premises, who probably had not lived in the house for several months, eventually became convicted by the judiciary of cruelty to pets. A verdict that “goes in the right direction,” according to the three animal welfare associations that have filed a complaint, including the Arpa 47 and 30 million friends.

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“Above all, it was important that he is forbidden to have pets, especially when we know that there is a garden and that he has not even let them out. Not always a sentence that is strong enough, once we got caught by it Gendarmerie heard and prosecuted It had to be very reactive. We have to be aware that we have to change the law so that we understand that having an animal is not harmless, “said Marie Dubos, President of Arpa 47.

One of the two dogs, then in the best of health. DR

It must be said that the image of these two large dead dogs curled up in the middle of their excrement and in an advanced state of decomposition on their owner’s bed marked the spirits and caused a wave of indignation in the department. “I’ve seen a lot of things, but cases like this are rare. What is very surprising is that the neighbors didn’t react. When you see abnormal things, you have to react,” the Animal Cause activist points out. There are people who have nothing and have happy animals. “

Despite a development in the consideration of animals, including in French law, there are still numerous cases of mistreatment. An observation that this new example only confirms.

“I can only enter my house once the living space has been given up.”

Dogs aren’t the only victims in this case. Indeed, the owner of this townhouse is living a real nightmare. Marked by the death of animals, she must now bear the consequences of her tenant’s failure, starting with cleaning the accommodation.

In view of the health risk, she was actually forced to visit a specialist company in Toulouse. Operating costs: € 4675. “The house was emptied and they cleaned the tiles in the living room and bathroom, but not the parquet because it was too damaged. We also have to change the stairs that the dogs desperately ate, the sinks and the plumbing . The floor of the walls is soaked with urine and the smell is omnipresent, “testifies the one who has put all these savings into the purchase of this property from which she is still paying the loan.

The task of restoring the house is therefore immense … However, the owner is not authorized to start the work. “I can only enter my house if the abandonment of the living space has not been pronounced. The bailiff must come within three weeks and make the determinations. Then there must be a statutory period of one month before the court can proceed with the termination of the house can. ” Lease, “confides the desperate mother.

An administrative rigor that she perceives as a double punishment while her tenant has just been convicted of animal abuse. “One person has done a lot of harm and we have to pay the price, it’s not fair,” concludes the person who “has nightmares”.