VIDEO. Lebel Haken for Dupont, experience the 3rd (and excellent) Toulouse test against Münster in pictures

The essentials Antoine Dupont scored a double during Stade Toulousain’s victory against Münster (33-40) on Saturday 3rd April during the eighth final of the Champions Cup. His first attempt is a demonstration of stadist play.

The return of the national team has done well at the Stade Toulousain. Antoine Dupont’s prospect was decisive on Saturday, April 3rd, in the round of 16 of the Champions Cup won by Rouge et Noir against Münster.

The opener gives his team the edge after having perfectly followed the collective movement initiated by Akhi and Kolbe in midfield. He concludes the action with a run of more than twenty meters to the post.

And what about the overcrowded framing by Mathis Lebel, another key player in this success? The winger dropped his hook to give Dupont the inside test ball. A comeback for Toulouse, which promises a great quarter-final against Clermont.