VIDEO. Ligue 2: The “cannon” shot by Manu Koné, the TFC (1-0) on the floor of Le Havre brought victory

The essentials The violets won this Tuesday evening, May 4th, in Normandy. If they suffered in the second half, they were strong in the first and materialized on a strike from afar during this climax of Manu Koné.

They remain candidates for second place in Ligue 2, which is equivalent to joining Ligue 1 directly at the end of the season. That Tuesday evening, the TFC players in Le Havre won 1-0 in a late game on the 34th day of Ligue 2. Still third, they returned from Clermontois, 2nd, to 4 points and have 3 games left play championship.

Manu Koné was founded by Patrice Garande in Normandy and spectacularly forced the decision in the 28th minute. In the second half, the Toulouse (although outnumbered) defended their goal in advance. But they were trembling …

As after any TFC game, La Dépêche invites you to discover the summary and objectives of the game, broadcast on the beIn Sports channel.

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