VIDEO. On the verge of the Deep Time experience in Lombrives: a beer brewed in the cave in 40 days

On the occasion of the Deep Time project, the three main Ariégeois created an experimental beer recipe that will stay in the Lombrives Cave for 40 days. A special cuvée that is offered to the team members on their departure.

The 15 caged Deep Time mission volunteers won’t be the only tenants of the Lombrives Cave. In fact, three Tarasconnais decided to develop a new beer recipe for the occasion, one that was based on the extraordinary properties of the water from the Lombrives site. An experimental recipe that takes 40 days between the start of brewing and the end of fermentation. Two parallel experiments are therefore carried out “simultaneously” in the huge cavities of the Lombrives Abyss in Ussat.

A new local brewery in 40 days

“Forty” is the number most frequently quoted in the Bible: “the time of trial,” according to the scriptures, the number of waiting times, preparation, trials or punishments. But it is also a symbol of rebirth. For the Deep Time mission team who need to show resilience, this is powerful symbolism. For Antoine Vantomme, Clément Laguerre and Alaric Daré, the three friends and employees of Ariège, it is the countdown to their new life. Indeed, much more than a recipe for beer, in more than a month the three young men will open their new brewery in Tarascon: “We found the keys yesterday and work starts today,” says Antoine Vantomme, former director of Mc Donalds Foix and Pamiers and the oldest of the trio. These three Ariégeois, friends since Pradelet elementary school, decided to present their three organic beer recipes: “Two years ago we decided to join forces to create a project that was similar to us and brought us together. We chose beer because it is a product that really unifies, brings people together, and we told each other that we had the opportunity to create something in Ariège and for Ariège, ”says Antoine Vantomme. Real research, enriched by the experiences of the three brewers: “We have to train, but with our shared experiences we have tried to make things intelligent by bringing processes and research into them. The fact that we took the time to prepare our three recipes saved us from being distracted, ”says Alaric Daré, engineer (software) in Toulouse.
“When we were informed about the Deep Time Mission, we said it was time to get started …” admits Antoine Vantomme. “Lombrives Cave is a mythical and great place, and brewing in the cave was already part of our plans. We have been watching it for a while and that we are particularly interested in the properties of its water and the temperatures that remain stable. “.

A hundred beers from the Deep Time Cuvée

The three new associate brewers of SASDestral have therefore developed three types of beer: a lager, a Guinness Porter and an IPA: “The beer produced for Deep-Time is a one-off experiment, we will only produce a small hundred. . We will be offering three local organic beers made in our brewery and the idea is that there is transparency and education. Customers can observe our manufacturing processes through the windows and try them out on site, ”concludes Clément Laguerre, the youngest member of the group.
In 40 days, the Deep Time mission team can complete their experience at the brand new Tarascon-sur-Ariège brewery at 23 avenue de la République.