Washing every day wouldn’t be good for your health, says this study!

Has teleworking changed our lives? Yes, it is obvious. But to what extent could he intervene in our daily life without our really noticing? We obviously spend more time at home and teleworking when we get out of bed without really worrying about our image …

How many of us now spend the day in pajamas, not combed, not washed? And put on a sweater or blouse to be presentable during the day’s video? A preliminary investigation told us that the French didn’t wash themselves every day … And in a confined space it’s even worse! But is it really bad for your health not to shower every day? Explanations.

We usually shower every day! Going to work, dressed, clean, made up for women, is a ritual that is sometimes imposed. While telecommuting, when you are sitting in front of the computer in your pajamas, no longer wearing hair and no longer wearing charentaise, this is no longer a problem for looks.

Isn’t showering every day good for your health?

And it would be quite beneficial for your health not to shower every day. As early as 2019, a scientific study published in Helth Harvard magazine explained why it was not good to shower every day.

About two-thirds of Americans shower every day. In Australia it is over 80%. In China, around half of people say they only bathe twice a week, researchers say.

Daily washing can lead to very dry and / or irritated skin. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Olena Yakobchuk

What harmful effects?

Also, according to this study, the daily shower could cause:

Very dry and / or irritated skin A tendency of the skin to let in bacteria, soap that causes “wear and tear” of the skin’s natural barrier. A disruption of the balance of microorganisms on the skin that encourages the appearance of bacteria, especially more resistant to antibiotics. Lack of exposure to normal microorganisms that would prevent adequate immune memory. And at the same time prevent the formation of sufficient antibodies. Too much washing can upset the balance of microorganisms on the skin. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Prostock-Studio

And what is there actually?

According to an IFOP survey by the newspaper Nouvel Obs, only three out of four French people change their underwear every day! This practice called “poop shaming” seems to intensify with teleworking. Thus, since the successive interventions, there would be a certain relaxation in terms of daily hygiene. In the FIFG study we learn that people spend less time in the bathroom and work as soon as they get out of bed without going through the “bathroom” box … Straight from bed to the office, with a coffee in front of the computer! It has become the daily life of many French people.

Today 74% of women say that they wash each day before giving birth compared to 81%. And for men, it’s only 61% who wash themselves every day … and 30% only wash twice a week!

So good or bad not to shower every day?

Hand washing should remain a daily and frequent gesture, whether with hydroalcoholic gel, soap sheets, or a bar of soap, it doesn’t matter. Hands should be washed very often. In contrast, dermatologists don’t recommend a daily shower.

In the Harvard study, researchers explain that there is no set frequency for weekly showers. However, experts suggest that most people shower several times a week (unless you’re dirty, sweaty, or have other reasons to shower more often). Short showers (three or four minutes) focusing on the armpits and groin may be sufficient.

There is therefore no health risk not to wash with soap every day! And it’s scientifically proven! So don’t feel guilty about spending 2 hours in the bathroom trying to get into your living room. Everything is OK. Protect your skin from external influences and, moreover, from the environment by reducing water consumption.

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