Waze, Coyote … Speed ​​control reports will be banned for navigation apps from November 1st, 2021

The Basics An article in the Official Gazette on Tuesday April 20 bans navigation apps like Waze or Coyote from reporting speed controls from November 1, 2021, angering the league for defending drivers.

This is news that should upset many motorists. An article published in the Official Gazette on Tuesday April 20 bans navigation applications like Waze or Coyote from displaying speed controls from November 1, 2021. The League for the Defense of Drivers is protesting against this decision, which it describes as a way of “catching motorists and motorcyclists without their knowledge to the detriment of prevention,” said a press release we were able to consult.

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A decree that renounces a debate in parliament

The debate that has been on the table for ten years has now been settled: navigation applications can no longer warn Internet users about speed controls on their travels. The decision, taken under the direction of Jean Castex and Gérald Darmanin and approved by Emmanuel Macron, was published discreetly in the Official Gazette by Decree n ° 2021-468 of April 19, 2021. This decree exempts the government from debating this issue in parliament.

Applying article L. 130-11 of the Highway Code, the purpose of this decree is to “prohibit the retransmission of messages capable of signaling the presence of the police in the electronic services of driving or navigation assistance through geolocation”, and is stated in Force will come into force on November 1, 2021. At the moment, the prohibition of the dissemination of information must “the streets or parts of the streets concerned and [définir] The date and time of the beginning and the end of this ban ”, reads the press release of the league in defense of the drivers.

A prohibition project in progress since 2011

This ban was discussed back in 2011 when the Inter-Ministerial Road Safety Council made a first attempt to ban reporting tools such as Tom Tom and Coyote. The project was abandoned after drivers were mobilized and the applications simply forced to display “danger zones” instead of the exact location of the speed camera checks. Subsequently, the European Commission tried again to ban the reporting of speed controls in the form of a decree published in 2017. The mobilization of drivers was again right with this ban. The amendment to the 2018 LOM law was then incorporated into the final version of the same law in late 2019.

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325,000 drivers rejected the decree

To protest against this ban, the league in defense of drivers has submitted a petition entitled “No to the ban on signaling speed controls”, in which more than 325,000 signatures have been collected so far. It explains the point of view of those who oppose this ban, who consider that “the task of the police is to settle in places that are classified as dangerous. By signaling their presence to drivers, applications participate in a very active one Action for everyone and stabilize the flow of traffic at the maximum allowed speed, which is the desired destination. In addition, the latter warn drivers of sudden slowdowns, incidents on the road … But prevent these reports from being merely a sign of death are effective people and are useful tools. “

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