“We felt like someone we should kill”: Bernard Tapie tells TF1 about the forced entry he was the victim of

The main Bernard Tapie was the guest of TF1’s 8pm newspaper presented by Gilles Bouleau. In a voice weakened by his cancer, the businessman testified for the first time his aggression, but also his illness, the vaccination against Covid-19 and his trial planned for May 10th.

He had never publicly mentioned his attack, which took place on the night of April 2-3 at his home in Combs-la-Ville. Bernard Tapie was invited by TF1 on Monday April 26th at 8pm. The 78-year-old businessman, whose voice was severely weakened by his cancer, spoke briefly about the particularly violent break-in that he and his wife fell victim to. There was also talk of his health, the vaccine against Covid-19 and his trial on May 10th.

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“There was hatred in the way they spoke”

Bernard Tapie did not want to delve into this subject because, “The only way to get over this event is, above all, not to remember it,” he testifies. I had done nothing to deserve this. But in what I saw, the only thing I want to allow myself to say is that there was hate in the way they spoke, said and talked. It wasn’t “shut up”, it was “shut up.” ! “We felt like we were killing someone,” he concludes, before claiming that, unlike his wife, he regularly returns to his house from Combs-la-Ville.

His fight against cancer and his positions on the Covid-19 vaccination

Another battle against his stomach cancer was revealed four years ago. During the interview, Bernard Tapie admits that other organs are affected: “We have to admit that he (his doctor) has a strange handicap. I have the esophagus, the stomach, the lungs, the kidneys, I now have the brain. .. He has not met a simple guy, he confides in the moderator with a smile. Everyone has to find the motive for their fight. The universal thing is to have to stop hurting the people around us. We don’t have to each other boast of finding courage. We must be ashamed not to have it. “

“I’m angry. If you don’t get vaccinated because you don’t want to and die of it, you’ve made a choice. But then you let the others die. Because until we have a number of vaccinations, that will be the case.” Stop the pandemic, we’re killing others. It’s not just a fight for yourself, shit, it’s a team fight. You absolutely need to be vaccinated. “

“Lelouch is waiting for me with their cameras”

“I’m not crammed with anything, and if I still have a voice, Lelouch is waiting for me with his cameras and his directors. He wants to do one last film with me and I’m crazy with happiness. You know what makes me happy. Very proud? Mr Delon has just made a film in which he says “I have three idols: Bernard Arnaud, Belmondo and Bernard Tapie”. But still life is good. “

“What would you like to say about you on the day you will be gone?” Asks Gilles Bouleau before closing the interview. “I don’t care. It’s not what they’re going to say I’m interested in. It’s what they’re going to think. And what they’re going to think, I know, I don’t have to wait for you to die.”

Following the transfer of the former businessman’s appeal for “fraud” in the controversial arbitration of 2008, the next judicial appointment of Bernard Tapie is scheduled for May 10th.

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