We give you 6 good reasons to invest in a digital e-reader!

While we were avid defenders of paper books, we are now followers of our e-reader! Let’s not say it’s just fools who don’t change their minds … Of course, the paper book remains a real treat! The smell of paper, the turning of the pages, in short the soul of the book!

Yes, but there you have it, an e-reader still has many advantages and eventually you get used to reading the screen quickly … That way, you can gobble up a lot more books that have been legally downloaded for space to save in your library. Take £ 200 on vacation if you want! Discover the benefits of digital reading …

Discover or rediscover literary classics!

You may not know, but books over 70 years old are free … they’re in the public domain now! Imagine the complete Zola that will remind you of your school years … or the classics of Molière, Shakespeare or Racine …

These books are often praised by literature or philosophy teachers, it would be a shame to pay for them anyway! 3,600 free books are available on the BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) website. Classic works are also free on legal download sites, such as on the Amazon Kindle.

Make room in your library!

This advantage is obvious! You can store thousands of pounds in an e-reader that weighs barely 200 grams! And on the pages of your famous “Pile à Lire” there will be no dust that often does not go away! However, the accumulation of books in an e-reader doesn’t really go away … we download as many books as we do on paper, but it takes up a lot less space in the house!

And take £ 200 on vacation if you want! Photo credit: Shutterstock / Zoom Team

Discover new authors and small publishers

As long as you legally download your future readings, you can buy directly from the publisher when purchasing digitally. But also directly to the author if he has decided in favor of self-publishing. Sometimes we discover nuggets that large publishers may not display. Literary favorites are not necessarily to be found with the largest publishers. Helping small writers download their works allows some to live, get known, and sometimes even become writers published in big houses!

Save a lot!

When an author publishes a new novel, digital reading has two advantages … Take the example of Marc Lévy, one of the most widely read French authors … In a few days, on March 9th, his new novel will be published: Le Crépuscule des Fauves … Im Paper format costs € 21.90, in digital format € 14.90 the results are clear … You also avoid postage delays or the unbearable waiting for the postman … You can read on March 9 at 00:01! For fans of some writers, this is invaluable and we are one of them!

A pleasant read

Whatever you say, practically all current e-readers have a very pleasant backlight for reading at night without disturbing their spouse … Visually impaired people can enlarge the fonts, choose the most suitable background color and rediscover the joy of reading .

The lack of paper contact gradually subsides as we switch to digital reading and the enjoyment of reading stays the same … with the added bonus of being able to keep piling up a pile to read without pushing the walls and without hearing your other half slut because you need to add more shelves!

So convinced?

If you’re not a book eater, investing in an e-reader may not be necessary … but starting with 5 or 6 new books a month, you can make huge savings!

We will probably not be able to convince purists or enthusiasts of the smell of new paper! But for consumers who read a lot, the e-reader is the perfect compromise to satisfy your passion for words without breaking the bank or breaking the library!